Our project

What we are doing

As part of Edinburgh’s 2050 City Vision, the City of Edinburgh Council is producing an innovative 30-year strategy for managing and funding our natural spaces in a sustainable way.

Here is a link to download the most recent version of the Thriving Green Spaces Strategy which went to committee in March 2023: Thriving Greenspaces Strategy (March 2023)

We aim to protect and enhance our greenspaces by developing a robust funding model that

  • supports our Parks and Greenspaces service
  • improves how we work with communities and partner organisations.  

We will understand how our greenspaces need to change to benefit Edinburgh to help it become an exemplary city for wellbeing, quality of life, heritage and quality of greenspaces.

The project began in June 2019 and the first phase ended in autumn 2022.

Another £347,000 was won during 2022 to develop further the Edinburgh Nature Network, produced in phase one, and to develop a ‘Fast Followers Network’ of parks and greenspace staff across Scotland. These second phase projects are led by the City of Edinburgh Council and greenspace Scotland respectively.

We are delivering this project under the following eight workstreams which collectively have the potential to revolutionise our green spaces.

Our funders

Our Thriving Green Spaces Project is funded by Future Parks Accelerator (FPA) grants which we successfully bid for in 2019. The total budget for our project in phase one was £1.3 million, with £1.25 million from the FPA.

Future Parks Accelerator is a joint venture between The National Lottery Heritage Fund and the National Trust (NT) to provide funding to preserve the future of the UK’s urban parks and green spaces.  They have invested more than £6m of National Lottery and UK Government funding. £5m worth of advice and support has come from NT experts in conservation, fundraising, volunteering and green space management.

Our workstreams

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Edinburgh castle and fountain

Edinburgh Castle

Innovative, ambitious and inspiring

In the first project of its kind in the UK eight urban areas covering a population of five million people were chosen to join this initiative.  These areas were selected for their ambitious and creative plans to put green spaces right at the heart of local communities:

  • Birmingham
  • Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole
  • Bristol
  • Cambridgeshire (county-wide, covering seven council areas)
  • Edinburgh
  • Islington and Camden
  • Nottingham
  • Plymouth

The green space across these areas totals almost 20,000 hectares – or about 35,000 football pitches. These include parks, woodlands and cemeteries, allotments, playing fields and nature reserves.

You can read more about this initiative clicking on the links below.

Heritage Fund      National Trust