Public Toilets in Edinburgh’s Parks

The City of Edinburgh Council is committed to adding more public toilets to three of its top parks:  The Meadows, Inverleith Park, and Leith Links. 

Skyline of the city of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Skyline

Our plans include the introduction of three types of toilet units: 

  • General Toilet Unit: A spacious unit equipped with handwashing facilities. It may also have baby changing amenities. 

  • Wheelchair Accessible and Family Toilet Unit: This unit is accessible and has handwashing facilities. It is for individuals who need extra space. This includes wheelchair users, those needing carer help, and families needing baby changing facilities. 

  • Changing Places Toilet Unit: Specifically for individuals with multiple and complex disabilities who are accompanied by one or two carers. The unit has essential aids such as a hoist and an adult changing table. 

Upon evaluating the refurbishment of existing toilets within Inverleith Park, The Meadows, and Leith Links, we found them unsuitable to meet current building standards efficiently. At the moment, certain groups, including those with disabilities and complex needs, face barriers to accessing public toilets in our parks. We aim to set a new benchmark for high-quality, inclusive, and accessible public toilet facilities across Edinburgh’s parks. 

Since the beginning, the Thriving Green Spaces (TGS) team has met with local and national organisations, park user groups, the public, and key City of Edinburgh Council officers. Initial consultations highlighted the critical aspects of operational functionality, safety, cleanliness, environmental sustainability, accessibility, inclusivity, and community and cultural integration. Inspired by this feedback, the TGS team is dedicated to developing a replicable model that will guide the creation of future public toilet facilities in Edinburgh’s parks.

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