Have Your Say on the Future of Regent Road’s Bowling Green and Park  

Join us for the first in-person drop-in session to kick off conversations about the future of this space. We will discuss the site's strengths and weaknesses, potential uses, the spirit of the place,

Event Details:  

Date: Saturday 22 June  

Time: 10:30 – 13:00  

Location: Regent Road’s Bowling Green and Park  

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Engage in conversations with our officers, visit the site, spark ideas, and share your opinions!  

  • How can we reimagine this space and integrate it into the wider Regent Road Park?  

  • What amenities are missing in this area?  

  • What are the site's strengths and weaknesses?  

  • What activities and features would you like to see offered here?  

Please note there are no facilities on-site and access to the bowling green area is limited. The space has not been used for some time, so please be careful when navigating the path and stepping on the green itself. Please note, a large number of rabbits live on-site.  

This session is a community collaboration between Abbeyhill Action, Abbeyhill Colony of Artists, Leith Community Growers and Thriving Greenspaces team.

Can’t Make It?  

If you can't attend the drop-in event, or you just want to know more, please send us an email to: thrivinggreenspaces@edinburgh.gov.uk.   

What Happens Next?  

Following this initial workshop, we will continue to engage with local communities, schools, and groups through tailored workshops and online meetings. We will then open a dialogue on our the City of Edinburgh Council Consultation and Engagement hub. Your feedback will shape our proposals, which will then be presented to the Committee for further consideration and recommendations. 


Published: 3rd June 2024