Masterplans for Edinburgh parks

Our project has been working with local people and landscape architects on masterplans for Leith Links, West Pilton Park, Inverleith Park and Inch Park.

These plans show how people want parks to be used and what facilities they should have. What is actually possible depends on local support and on funding. So, masterplans themselves evolve over time.

Leith Links

We worked with local stakeholders including Leith Links Community Council between autumn 2021 and spring 2022 to develop this concept masterplan. We shared a first draft of the plan at Leith Gala Day 2022. The Council sought views from the wider public on this first draft during July 2022.

Leith Links Masterplan

West Pilton Park, North Edinburgh

We worked with a range of local people and organisations between autumn 2021 and spring 2022 to develop this concept masterplan. Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust are currently exploring options to fund proposals within it.

You can download a copy of this masterplan at West Pilton Park Masterplan 2022.

Inverleith Park

We worked on this masterplan with local groups during autumn 2021 and early 2022. You can see the final plan Inveleith Park Concept Masterplan.

We created a masterplan for regenerating Inch Park through a series of events and discussions from summer 2021 to summer 2022. Organisations involved include Inch Community Association, the Inch Park community sports clubs, Gilmerton and Inch Community Council, Liberton and District Community Council, Bridgend Farmhouse, and Council Parks and Greenspace and Inch Plant Nursery staff.

You can see the Inch Park masterplan and a summary of public views on it here: Inch Park Masterplan.