Inch Park pilot project

Inch Park Regeneration Project

Inch Park Master Planning Pilot

As part of the Thriving Green Spaces project, a number of sites have been identified to pilot some of our strategic approaches; Inch Park is one of those sites and we are already in the process of developing a master plan for the site.

UK Levelling Up Fund Bid - Inch Park Regeneration Project

The Inch Park is also one of the projects which the Council has selected for a UK Levelling Up Fund round 2 bid application under the Investment Theme: Regeneration and Culture. TGS are leading on this bid, which will be in the £5m to £10m range, possibly as much as £20m depending on community ambition.

The fund aims to provide capital investment in local infrastructure to encourage economic recovery and growth.

Successful projects must pass through a competitive open bidding process with assessment against key criteria of need for support, strategic fit, deliverability, and value for money.

What’s next?

The initial bid deadline for funding was expected in September, however, that has since been pushed back. We are awaiting confirmation of a revised bid deadline from the UK government.

In the meantime, we are proceeding with developing the concept master plan, which will be an important component of our bid. Landscape architects have been brought on board to help with this. In addition, we have been meeting with key local stakeholders, including Inch House Community Centre, Inch Community Sports Club and the Council’s own Inch Park Plant Nursery, to develop a shared vision for the Park.

As part of our engagement we attended the Inch Park Fun Day on 4th September organised by Edinburgh South Community Football Club. It was a very successful event and we received over 250 responses to our questionnaire about the park which will help us to inform both the masterplan for the park and the funding bid.

Engagement will be an ongoing process on this project and we look forward to consulting further as plans develop.

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