We know that you love and cherish the city’s parks and green spaces. All of the Friends of Parks groups, gardener volunteers and our corporate volunteers are tribute to this. What they all have in common is their wish to give their time, energy and skills to help our parks and green spaces thrive. 

You can be a volunteer ‘Propagator’ and play an active role to help people in your community get involved and shape the strategy. It does not matter if you do not at present give your time in our parks and green spaces. Everyone is welcome to join us. You will receive training, support and expenses, and be part of our family of ‘Propagators’. 

Some examples are listed below but if you have any ideas or skills that you think will help our project please email us thrivinggreenspaces@edinburgh.gov.uk

Get involved now

  • Help us to publicise the project.  
  • Write articles in your local publications.  
  • Speak to community groups about the project.  
  • Organise local engagement events and activities.    
  • Work with us to run workshops and focus groups. 

Help us to gather visitor information

We are trying to build a picture of 

  • Who uses our parks and green spaces.
  • Why people visit them
  • How people feel about them. 

We will be running a range of surveys to gather some of this data but we need your help to do some of the site based surveys

  • Carry out visitor counts and observation studies.
  • Carry out paper based surveys of those who are not the internet. 

Participate in pilot and citizen science projects

We are piloting a number of ideas to see if we can do things better. Some of these ideas involve citizen scientists who can help us to gather large volumes of data across the whole city. To do this we will try out some exciting new methods.

  • Carry out habitat surveys to measure how many insects our wildflower meadows attract.
  • Use a new phone app to map the different types of habitats at each park and green space.
  • Try out a new ‘Spirit of Place’ design and placemaking tool.