Edinburgh Urban Park User Survey

This survey is for people who visit or who are planning to visit regularly one of these parks only:-

  • Pilrig Park
  • Victoria Park
  • Leith Links West
  • Lochend Park
  • Harrison Park West
  • Spylaw Park. 

The park that you complete the survey for should be one that you have visited before and is easy to visit quite often.
This survey is a part of the University of Edinburgh’s PhD in Architecture and Landscape Architecture programme. The purpose of this survey is to understand the relationship between the areas that urban park users choose to visit and the activities they undertake. We also want to understand links between urban park visits and people’s wellbeing.
What does this survey include?
The survey includes a questionnaire for before and after an urban park visit. The questions relate to how you feel as well as your long-term and your short-term wellbeing. We also ask some information about where you went in the park, who you visited with or met there, and what you did. There will be a few other questions about yourself and your identity will remain anonymous throughout the survey.

If I take part, what do I have to do?
In this survey, we ask you to visit one of the six listed urban parks (Pilrig Park, Victoria Park, Leith Links West, Lochend Park, Harrison Park West, or Spylaw Park) at least once a week, for two consecutive weeks and answer some questions before and after your visit. The park you visit, perhaps it’s your local park, should be one you have visited before and is easy to visit often.
This survey is designed in two versions. The first time you complete the survey, we ask you to complete the longer version (version 1). The second and any subsequent times you complete the survey, we ask you to complete the shorter version (version 2). The survey will guide you to the correct one.

The first part of each survey should be completed on the same day of the visit and just before visiting the park. The second part of each survey should be completed just after visiting the park, on the same day as your visit. 
The survey structure is as follows:
Step 1: BEFORE questionnaire. Complete this questionnaire before you visit the park
Step 2: VISIT. Visit the park as usual and spend time in areas you prefer, doing the things you want to do. You can go to the park whenever you want and spend as much time as you want.
Step 3: AFTER questionnaire. Complete this questionnaire after you visit the park.

 If you are interested in contributing to this citizen science opportunity, please simply click the link below which will take you straight to the survey

Edinburgh Urban Park User Survey